Apocalypse Wow

"We’re exhausting our surroundings. We take more and more land and fail to take care of it properly. We are the earth’s cancer."

With this project for the Dutch Design Week we visualised the amount of people watching our exhibition. We did this by couting the amount of WiFi enabled devices (smartphones etcetra) in the exhibiton room using a Raspberry Pi and a router. A JavaScript-based code fetched this number and visualised it as cells in a hologram. We created the hologram by projecting the light of a monitor on a prisma-shaped constuction of plexiglass, which reflects the light, making it seem like there is a hologram inside of it.

This item is a part of the Fontys Factory CANCER Dutch Design Week 2015 project, which has been proclaimed as one of the highlights of the DDW 2015!

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