Dutch Design Week - Fontys Factory CANCER

Even though cancer has become omnipresent in everyday life, it's still an awkward subject to discuss. Clinical, depressing, abstract, and downright terrifying.

With students of Fontys ICT & Media Design, Fontys Academy for Art, Communication and Design and the minor Healthcare and Technology we put our skills to the test to make this subject discussable. With our teachers Lucas Maassen, Woody Veneman and Bram Tuns, who chose this topic, and workshops by professional designers we created a lot of strong concepts. The results of this short, intensive study put cancer in an entirely different light.

This exhibition was chosen as one of the highlights of the DDW by media like Vogue Magazine, Architectenweb and even the Dutch Design Week itself! I've mainly worked on the Apocolypse Wow project, a visitor based hologram visualisation.

Overview exposition Table of Content Table of Content Closeup Dr. Claw Plant Fight Pinpoint Emotions Pinpoint Emotions Closeup The Physical Infinite Coffee Cancer Times Cancer Times Closeup Fin Fin
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