Lenticulair photos which give a 3D illussion, shot using 4 camera's. A totally new way to capture memories at festivals and events.

Frame is a concept which saw it's light during one of the many brainstorm sessions for Paaspop Festival. Inspired by the lenticular photography trend, for example seen in the Young Capital ad using a 1980's 4 lensed Nimslo, we started our own lenticular camera project.


The first version (a.k.a. prototype) of the camera was tested at the festival and was a great success - Frame was the project that a lot of potential and deserved more development. The development of version two of Frame Studio, the software used to edit four pictures in to GIFs and videos, started. We put more time to the project and soon realised an iteration in prototype was needed.

Frame at Paaspop

While we developed the second version of Frame, we applied for the ICTalent awards. We made it to the finale, but unfortunately did not win. Nevertheless, Frame got a lot of attention, and we were asked to attend a lot of events. After this, we registered Frame officially as our startup!

During the summer of 2017 Frame really took off and appeared at a lot of festivals, events and even ads. We're now using an array of DSLR's for super high quality. Make sure you check out our Intstagram for more great Frames.

Frame DSLRs
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