Paaspop 2016

Generating content for the LED-screens at Paaspop Mainstage

In both 2016 and 2017, Paaspop Festival (60.000 visitors) asked us, a group of a dozen Delta (honours) students, to take care of content on the LED-screens at mainstage. In between these screens usually only show ads or are turned off, although they have big potential for interaction with visitors, waiting for the next acts to begin. Both years, the goal was to amuse the visitors.

In 2016, we mainly focussed on showing animations and (funny) videos to entertain visitors while they wait. We experimented a bit with interaction with the visitors, to generate content on the festival, for example with "10 seconds of fame", as shown in the video below.

The interaction turned out to be a great success, amusing visitors a lot by seeing their friends and themselves on the screens. For 2017, we decided to fully focus on the interaction with visitors and generate all content during the festival. We built more interactive installations which generated different types of content, one of which was Kiekje, the first version of Frame.

My main focus for the 2017 edition of Paaspop was a Tinder-like app called Scharrel which matched visitors based on their musical interested, the software automating the content shown on the screens (our videos, ads, timetables and such) and the servers / data-handling needed for the projects.

Paaspop image
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